2019Years hairy crabs began selling gift certificates!!!   CCTV7<Beautiful lines in rural China>The column group recommended brand!2019Years【Crab village thatched cottage】Sincerely cooperation、Join partners,Calling information:4006677537。Yangcheng lake hairy crabs,Preferred crab village thatched cottage!   Our company has the right to use the geographic marks of yangcheng lake hairy crabs,The products of geographical indications protection products sales-Yangcheng lake hairy crabs。
Crab village thatched cottage Yangcheng lake farmhouse
  • Thatched cottage ship crab village restaurant
  • China central television (CCTV) into the lotus flower island
  • The media track
  • Hairy crabs
  • Lotus island cottage inn
  • Lotus island tourism
Yangcheng lake farmhouse Yangcheng lake hairy crabs
 The big box
 Double rooms
 The hall
 Lake view platform
 On location
The ship restaurant,Organic dining environment Dining environment
Lotus island environment Lotus island environment
 Double standard rooms
 Big bed room
 This clause inn
 Open to booking The ultimate gift boxAPackage
 Open to booking Luxury gift boxesAPackage
 Open to booking Noble gift boxBPackage
 Open to booking Luxury gift boxesBPackage
 Open to booking Luxury gift boxesCPackage
 The ultimate gift certificates3088Yuan
 The ultimate gift certificates3888Yuan
Yangcheng lake hairy crabs|Crab village thatched cottage|Hairy crabs gift certificate| And gift certificates2308Yuan
Authentic yangcheng lake hairy crabs|Crab village thatched cottage|The Mid-Autumn festival gift|Hairy crabs gift certificate And gift certificates2888Yuan
 The lotus bridge
 Company activities
 Water wheel cart
 Lotus lotus island
 Lotus island rape section
 Yangcheng lake scenery
 Yangcheng lake scenery
 The lotus flower island windmills
  • Peasant free-range chicken
    Peasant free-range chicken
  • Wild big flat fish
    Wild big flat fish
  • Peasant green vegetables
    Peasant green vegetables
  • Peasant autotrophic salted duck egg
    Peasant autotrophic salted duck egg
  • Small wild fish
    Small wild fish
  • Wild river shrimp
    Wild river shrimp
  • Green shell spiral lions
    Green shell spiral lions
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