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Tianshui Great Wall switch electrical complete set co., LTD
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      Tianshui Great Wall switch electrical appliances co., LTD is located in known as the packages“The northwest small jiangnan”、“(3) on the eye”The reputation of China electrical equipment industry base, one of the famous historical and cultural city——Tianshui,Highway and xihe huang avenue in parallel to tianshui airport and railway station,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient。Our company is a collection of production、Sales in the integration of complete sets of electrical equipment of the professional manufacturers。The main production12kVAnd the following indoor high voltage switch cabinet、High pressure/Low pressure preinstalled type transformer substation、Low voltage switchgear(Stationary、Draw-out type)、Power distribution cabinet、The control cabinet(Taiwan、Screen、Box)、Distribution box、Such as complete sets of electrical equipment and electronic instruments and meters、Electronics applications、Industrial automation control system。Products are widely used in electric power、Petrochemical industry、Building、Metallurgy、Water conservancy、Transportation and other fields。

PD108Multi-function electric instrument

KYN28A-7.2/12(J.R) Switch cabinet

YBMJ□Series intelligent box-type substation pre-installed

GGJLow voltage reactive power compensation cabinet

GGDLow voltage distribution switchgear

GCSLow voltage draw-out switch cabinet

XL-21Power control cabinet

XMDistribution box
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