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Jiangyin day jiang pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is founded1992Years,Is Chinese traditional medicine formula particles industry pioneer and leader。Company of China medicine group, Chinese medicine holding co., LTD。
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“Across the region、The whole industrial chain、Digital Chinese medicine quality management mode”The exploration of the road...
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Day jiang pharmaceutical selected provinces“Five top ten independent industry brand”
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The good news | Day jiang pharmaceutical industry in jiangsu province“Domestic first-class enterprise culture research and development institutions...
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Academic exchanges | Hong Kong judge communication jiang pharmaceutical medicine experts in the coming days
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Day pharmaceutical xi jiang Hong Kong Baptist university college of traditional Chinese medicine in traditional Chinese medicine formula particles...
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News of the day the river|Day jiang pharmaceutical industry“Annual output6000Tons of traditional Chinese medicine formula particles capacity, technical items...
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At the beginning of the New Year The launching of honor Won several awards day jiang pharmaceutical
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Struggling to run Work commitments 2019Start again!
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From“The new”Set out The new era of dream Pilot a new journey ▏Day jiang pharmaceutical summary commendation...
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The new era of dream Pilot a new journey ▏2019Day jiang grand pharmaceutical marketing work conference...
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