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    Xinyang DongSheng water industry limited liability company,Its predecessor is the administration of the south bay reservoir comprehensive management office。1997Years,Xinyang municipal party committee(Before the prefectural party committee)Letters to make words(1997)The first16No approval,Set the xinyang south bay reservoir administration comprehensive operation management,Secondary institutions subordinate pipe bureau。2003Years8Month,South bay scenery district Shanghai,Travel from zong tube station to south bay scenery district,Establishment the rest DongSheng water industry limited liability company(Career planning authorities name is still the comprehensive operation management)。
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    By xinyang TV and south bay water amusement park jointly creating the city the only large water sports entertainment TV program——《Water breakthrough proud》,Since2009Since the year began operation,Loved by our city and the surrounding cities and the masses,More than three thousand people participate in the players,Came from zhoukou、Nanyang、Zhumadian、Anhui province、Zhejiang、Guangdong、Beijing and other cities,And gradually become the people happy a summer recreation form。A few days ago,2011The annual in the third quarter《Water breakthrough proud》The TV is in full swing。For the show,Further improving the quality of activities with the class,Comprehensive promotion taste and cultural connotation。Is now actively foreign seeking partners to participate in the organization,To promote enterprise,Continuously expand business visibility、Reputation ,Marriage implementation media companies,Win-win cooperation。
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