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  Homogenizing agent series  Flow of dispersant series  The physical model agent series  Chemical agent series plastic solution
  Protective wax series  Functional resin series  The film isolator series  Low melting point feeding bag
  Shoes material function additives  Preassigned medium series  The tyre capsule isolation agent and release agent  Other functional additives
       Sharp and chemical co., LTD., founded in lianyungang2007Years12Month,Located in the beautiful coastal city-Lingang industrial district of lianyungang city, jiangsu province,The area is a professional chemical industrial park planning of jiangsu province,More than the highway、Railway intersection,The airport opened in the great cities of the domestic flights,The sea、Lu、Empty The traffic is very developed,Can be convenient to send the goods to all over the country and overseas。The company covers an area of nearly40000?,Factory building area of more than6000?,The total investment3000Ten thousand yuan。Our products are mainly in the service of the tyres、Rubber products、Soles production enterprise。Company currently has three production workshop:1、Processing AIDS workshop2、Functional additives workshop3、Feeding bag workshop...
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