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     Ningbo gulkov electric appliance co., LTDNingbo Qiaopu Electric Co.,Ltd)Trademarks are obtained--QIAOPU.Company specializing in the production of the world safety certificate the power cord、The plug socket、Extension cord、Rubber wire, and so on.Ningbo gulkov electric appliance co., LTD2013Annual production output1.7Hundred million yuan,Now havePermanent staff178People,8A quality inspection personnel,7A quality assurance personnel,7A technology and researchers.Factory area21000Square meters,Factory mainly divided into productionRubber line workshop、PVCGranulation workshop、Copper wire bundle silk workshop、Wire cord workshop、Riveting workshop、Plug injection molding workshop、Factory inspection and delivery workshop.Ningbo received gulkov electric appliance co., LTDISO9001:2008As wellGB/T19001:2008Quality system certification,QIAOPUBrand power cord products have obtainedROHSPAHSREACHSuch as environmental protection certification. QIAOPUWon the European product certificationVDECertification、The United StatesULCertification、The United KingdomUKCertification、AustraliaSAACertification、South AfricaSABSCertification、In BrazilUC/INMETREOCertification、JapanPSECertification、South KoreaKCAnd a series of certification.Ningbo gulkov electric appliance co., LTDQIAOPUThe trademarkThe main products are European plug、European power cord、American plug、American power cord、National standard plug、National standard power cord、British plug、The Australian plug、The Japanese plug、South Korea plug、South Africa plug、The Brazilian plug、Argentina plugs、The Swiss plug、Israel plug and so on.The power cord size tend to have2x0.52x0.752x1.02x1.52x2.53x0.53x0.753x1.03x1.53x2.5;Models with the power cordH03VVH2-FH03VV-FH05VV-FH05VVH2-FIEC52(RVV)IEC53(RVV)H05RN-FH05RR-FH07RN-FSVTSJTSPTCountries all over the world such as the power cord.