Leading advertising is one of the large-scale professional advertisement company of hainan province,Since1993Years since its founding,From toCISPlanning for the flagship,For the development of“With strategy as the guide、With creativity as the core”Brand integration promotion company。  Leading advertising with brand integration and promotion、Brand management、Brand planning、Advertising creative、The plane design、CISDesign、Large-scale public relations activities planning、Of all aspects, such as media service advantages。Nearly20Years of development,With partners:The real estate、Communication、Medicine、Tourism、Food、Industry、Cultural industries,Become the brand growth in all walks of life long-term strategic partner。  Lead is a young team、Specialization、Wuxi、Pioneering spirit of the team,...

Real estate brand integrated marketing partners

Provide comprehensive real estate brand integration of extension services,With the strong brand operating experience、Deep real estate20Years;Always adhere to the advertising beginner's mind,Hand in hand with the customers,Let the land、Space and maximum premium brand。

Enterprise brand360°The housekeeper

A complete set of enterprise brand planning,Including information collection、Brand inspection、Brand detection、Brand photo、How to use the brand photo、Brand check, etc,For consumers can come into contact with the brand from all the senses for effective management。