Yinhe France beauty carved jade garden HuaMuChang located in shaping (heshan) town bridge Chen Jiangwei villagers committee,Is a concentration of landscape engineering design、The construction、Maintenance,Landscape nursery stock production、Marketing and indoor and outdoor rent flower business,Flowers etiquette celebration service is a body comprehensive professional landscaping company,Can undertake all kinds of size and type of landscape projects,The company offers:Administration department、Design department、The engineering department、The purchasing department、Etiquette planning department and other departments。
    The company has strong economic strength,In shaping (heshan) town、Yao town、Longkou town、Curtilage the town to build a production base300m,Seedling varieties100More than one,Mainly includes the greening seedlings、Flowers、Indoor plants、Bonsai art, etc。
    At present, the company has more than 20 employees,Including all kinds of professional management personnel8Name,Most employees are engaged in landscape floral industry more than 10 years experience,Rich experience、Solid style、Unity。The company also is equipped with excavator、The sprinkler、Cranes and other kinds of machinery and equipment more than one,To modernize the mechanical combined with production and business operation。
    Company since its establishment has been pursuing“To develop、Work diligently、Forge ahead、Create the high-quality goods”Business enterprise aim,Always adhere to the market-oriented,Constant pursuit and innovation,After years of efforts,The company has accumulated rich experience in construction field,Summarizes a set of standardized construction management system。And the sound production safety management system,To observeISO9001Total quality management system,Is the perfect management system、Operation procedures。Our company now has a municipal road、Landscape garden construction of the construction、Virescence seedling cultivation and sales and undertake the streets、The park、The square、Residential area、Factories and unit courtyard greening landscape design、The construction、Green space maintenance ability。
    The company over the past year record,Has completed the HeCheng Town dongjiang environmental protection plant greening projects、Shaping town, clear water bay residential greening projects、The ancient town ryazan culture park greening projects、The ancient town of wharf greening projects、Three consecutive industrial acto greening engineering projects such as high and new material co., LTD,And the construction unit of praise。
    After unremitting struggle,The company has gradually developed into a good reputation and brand professional gardening company。Looking to the future,Company management will be skillfully grasp opportunities,Through scientific management and constant technology innovation,The company to make the first-class enterprise,For the majority of customers to provide more perfect products and services,Will continue to carry forward the spirit of enterprise,Continue to integrate the advantage resources,To forge a good habitat for the jiangmen heshan of garden city。
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